Stephen Rogers Radcliffe, the young American conductor understands the music with rare acuity.

New York Newsday

Radcliffe drew out the score's dark beauties with skill and keen insight...

The Newark Star Ledger

We have to give admirable credit to Stephen Rogers Radcliffe for his energy and perseverance, hard work, and stamina...

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Stephen Rogers Radcliffe has in recent years proved himself a masterly programmer, presenting unusual material from the past and present in imaginative yet coherent juxtapositions

New York Times

In the performance Radcliffe let the music flow and trusted the musicians. Solos were thoughtfully phrased, string sections often sounded like one instrument, cross rhythms and syncopations were accomplished with polish. The whole was infused with momentum and excitement, yet always sounded musical.

The Seattle Times

There was little to fault in the evening’s performances. The ensemble playing was synchronous and energetic, and Stephen Rogers Radcliffe’s leadership was never less than authoritative.

New York Newsday

Radcliffe drew from his orchestra a refined and stylistically impeccable accompaniment

Stamford (CT) Advocate